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About Serbian Language

The Serbian language is an Indo-European language . Within this group it belongs to a South Slavic language family. We speak it in Serbia, but there are also other dialects of it in the region. So, you can speak Serbian in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Sometimes  we reffer to this common language as Serbo-Croatian or “naš jezik” or our language.

Why should you learn Serbian?

  • There are around 10 millions speakers worldwide of the Serbian dialects. It is not a lot of speakers if you compare it with the world’s greatest languages, However, knowing Serbian gives you the ablility to communicate throughout the most of the Balkan Peninsula.
  • Serbian Language has two alphabets. Both Cyrillic and Latin are used nowadays in Serbia. Is this awesome or what?
  • Due to the country’s geographical position, many languages influenced Serbian. Here we refer to German, Turkish, Hungarian and so forth (nowadays also English). This shows the richness of its vocabulary and culture. Therefore, it can help you learn Serbian faster.
  • Lots of great literature works were written in Serbian language.
  • The ultimate reason – if you’re planning to live in Serbia, knowing Serbian language would make your life a lot easier. Although a lot of Serbia’s population speaks English very well, you will most definitely need Serbian at some point. Moreover, if you want to engage with the locals and enjoy your stay to the fullest, we would certainly recommend taking up some lessons.

Why should you take up Serbian Language Lessons in Belgrade?

Belgrade is an amazing city. Although we are biased, everyone who has spent some time in Belgrade has to admit that this city has a very special kind of energy.



Facts about Belgrade:

  • Area: 322.268 ha
  • Population: 1.659.440
  • Municipalities: 17
  • Time zone:  UTC+1 (CET); Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
  • Climate: moderate continental
  • Postal code: 11000

About us

We are young enthusiasts dedicated to bringing all the people interested closer to the moment of speaking Serbian for the first time. And the second time. And the hundredth time. What we would like to emphasize about ourselves is:


It was 4 years ago when we dedicated ourselves entirely to Serbian language. However, it was not only to teaching it, but also trying to find the best approach possible for all of our students. Individually and as a group. We create our own materials and communicative activities so our students would get the best out of their lessons.


One of our greatest concerns is the general quality of the service we provide. That’s why we are always thinking about improvement. Also, the opinion of our students is very important for us. We take into a great consideration all of your suggestions.


Our mission is to make learning Serbian language accessible to everyone. Also, one very important thing for us are reasonable prices for learning Serbian. We showed that it is possible to offer a good quality of Serbian lesson at reasonable prices.


Our students come from different kinds of backgrounds, but also from different companies. If your company will support you in learning Serbian, we are here to make all the arrangements during the process of application for our courses.

Check out some of the companies with whom we have collaborated:

Why Rayuela?

In our lifes there is a mix of Serbian, Spanish and Cuban culture. There are several reasons why we chose this Spanish word, rayuela (eng.hopscotch), as a name for our school:

  • The word itself originally represents a children’s game. In this game you first toss a marker onto the hopscotch pattern. Then you hop over the square to get it. This game has more rules and many variations. However, one of the reasons for choosing this word was that it reminds us of the process of learning. You have to hop square by square, no shortcuts. One cannot touch any lines or lose their balance. Likewise, learning a language demands time and concentration.
  • This word translates to Serbian as školice. At the same time, this means little schools. We are a small school, with a big heart and a lot of energy dedicated to our students.
  • Finally, there is a piece of art in Hispanic literature call “Rayuela”. It was written by one of the great minds of the Latin American Boom – Julio Cortázar. As him, we also want to mark a difference in language learning.

So, there you go. Now you know what rayuela means. Have you ever played it before?

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