TalkIn' Serbian

Meet the Hosts

We are Dani and Chris. Both expats and locals on different locations.
If you ask us where were from, we won't give you a simple answer.
We're here to help you learn Serbian.
This is our story.

meet the hosts


Our story

Hello, this is Dani speaking. Stay tuned and let me tell you how it all started.

We’ll go back to 2015 when I entered the market of language teaching. I was teaching English and Spanish to both Serbians and foreigners, but after some time I spotted a gap related to learning Serbian as a foreign language. So, I started teaching Serbian in 2017. I couldn’t be happier. Teaching my native language to other people (including my then fiancé Chris) and passing my love for languages.

But then, the reality bumped me in the face. Apart from Chris, my students were having a lot of trouble learning Serbian ’the traditional way’. They would go out and feel completely blocked.

My zero student and fiance Chris and I tried to figure out why. The answer laid in what was going on outside of the classroom. Chris had a lot more exposure to Serbian than his classmates. He could practice Serbian while working and on family and friends’ reunions.

We figured out we had to create more exposure for other people who don’t have this kind of opportunity. Our idea is to make content which will either help you learn Serbian or complement your learning path.


Our mission is to make learning Serbian easy and fun. As we are podcast lovers, the TalkIn Serbian podcast came naturally to us. Also, we publish our Serbian language blog where we resolve your most frequent doubts. And there’s a lot more around the corner.

We are creating our materials with you in our minds. Each one of you is different and has a different learning strategy. However, what is true for everyone is that the more you are exposed to the language, the better.  That is why our podcast and the blog are and will be available to everyone.

We can’t wait to see how your learning is progressing.


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meet the hosts