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Whether you already have some basic knowledge of Serbian or want to learn some conversational Serbian language, you’re on the right spot. Check out our beginner’s Serbian podcasts and the transcripts of our conversation in Serbian to help you get the most out of our podcast.

Our beginner level podcast is adapted to the knowledge you need to acquire on your A1 and A2 level of studying Serbian. Note that our beginner podcast might be slightly more difficult for a beginner level in order to maintain the structure of a real conversation in Serbian. Also, having that extra difficulty is what expands your knowledge.

In order to make everything more understandable for this level, after each podcast, we explain the most important chunks in English. Moreover, on our webpage, you can find the scripts for all podcasts we publish. The scripts make our podcasts easier to follow and give you an opportunity to connect the written word and the sounds.

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If you want us to talk about a specific topic and clear some doubts you have about Serbian language or living in Serbia, leave a comment or contact us at info@rayuelacentar.com.

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