Beginner Episode 01 Transcript


TalkIn’ Serbian Beginner Episode 01 is about the language you would use when you meet or chat with someone for the first time. You will hear a dialogue where Chris and Dani get to know each other and discuss their backgrounds, interests, and hobbies. You will learn:

  • how to introduce yourself and say your name
  • say where you come from
  • talk about your job title
  • talk about hobbies and free time.

The transcript will help you follow the conversation in the episode. Say goodbye to mishearing words!

You can improve your listening comprehension and gain insights into common phrases, sentence structures, and pronunciation by following along with the transcript.

While following the conversation, you’ll encounter different grammar constructions and sentence patterns commonly used in Serbian. Paying attention to these aspects in the transcript will reinforce your knowledge of grammar rules and help you internalize the correct usage of Serbian language structures.

Listening to the dialogue and reading the transcript simultaneously allows you to improve your Serbian pronunciation and intonation. By observing the text as you hear it spoken, you can practice proper stress, rhythm, and intonation patterns, ultimately refining your spoken Serbian skills.


I suggest listening to the episode for the first time without the transcript. On the second listening, consult the transcript and see what you had right and what you had wrong. Underline unknown words or consult them in the Vocabulary List.

Start your language learning journey today with this insightful podcast episode!


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BEGINNER EPISODE 01 transcriptBeginner Episode 01 Transcript
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