Beginner Episode 01 Transcript


In the first beginner episode, you will learn what to say when you meet someone for the first time in Serbian. This transcript will help you follow along with the conversation, and practice your communication skills.

Listen to the first-ever episode of our podcast where you will learn what to say in Serbian when you meet someone for the first time. You’ll join the hosts, Chris and Dani as they engage in a lively dialogue, giving you a glimpse into real-life conversations in Serbian. 

In our 6-minute conversation learn how to

  • introduce yourself in Serbian (say your name)
  • say where you come from
  • explain what you do
  • talk about your free time and hobbies

Six minutes is not much, so this conversation is perfect for beginners and won’t overwhelm you with a gazillion Serbian expressions.

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Follow along with the transcript for an immersive learning experience

Having access to this audio transcript means you can study and listen at your own pace. But not only that. It helps you study better! Reading the transcript while listening to the audio improves memory retention. You will be more likely to remember the words, phrases, and grammar rules you encounter, leading to more effective language acquisition.

This transcript of the Serbian part of the episode will also help you with listening comprehension. Pay attention to how specific words and phrases are used in context. It will make it easier to remember and apply the same words and sentence structure in your own conversations.

Last but definitely not least – by listening to native speakers in audio transcripts, learners can imitate the pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. Practicing speaking along with the audio helps improve speaking skills and builds confidence in conversational situations.

TalkIn’ Serbian transcripts are optimized for phone screens so you can take them wherever you go.

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BEGINNER EPISODE 01 meet someone in Serbian transcriptBeginner Episode 01 Transcript
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