Beginner Episode 02 Transcript


This episode is a must for all beginners in Serbian. Learn to talk about your family and describe them with TalkIn’ Serbian Beginner Episode 02 + Transcript.

Family is one of the first topics when you’re new in a place. And it is also a very important one in Serbia! That is why there are gazillion words for family members and the poor hosts also mix them up sometimes. 

Nothing to worry about because in our 8-minute conversation, you will learn how to talk about your nuclear family in Serbian. Not only that, but you will also learn how to describe them or anyone else you want to talk about. 

This is a must-watch-and-learn episode for beginners who are learning Serbian. Listen to it on:



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Follow along with the transcript for a better learning experience

If you’re listening to our beginner podcast, I’m guessing you are still new to all the words and the sounds. The transcript will help you:

  • Improve your general understanding
  • Connect Serbian sounds to words and their spelling
  • Make it easier to understand where a word begins and ends and what’s the intonation in the sentence. 

All of these are key if you want to communicate with natives in Serbian. It will make your learning experience totally different. TalkIn’ Serbian transcripts are optimized for phone screens so you can take them with you and learn on the go.

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BEGINNER EPISODE 02 tfamily in Serbian transcriptBeginner Episode 02 Transcript
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