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Let Chris and Dani take you to a special place in Belgrade you couldn’t go to before 2018. If you’re a history and art lover and want to build up this topic, do not miss this episode.

This time Chris and Dani take you to a special place in Belgrade you couldn’t go to if you were visiting the city between 2003 and 2018.

In this 10-minute conversation in the Serbian language, you will hear a conversation about historical findings and art. What’s more, you will learn how to talk about your impressions and ask others to share theirs too.  

If your Serbian language level is at least intermediate, you will acquire many new words through this episode. Be ready for many upper-level expressions you won’t be able to find in any dictionary. 

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Follow along with the transcript for the best learning experience

When your knowledge of Serbian is intermediate+ you understand what most conversations are about. However, there can be a lot of new vocabulary, especially if you move away from the typical topics you encounter. 

For the best learning experience, we suggest you listen to the episode first and try to understand as much as you can. The most important thing to figure out on your first listening is the context. 

Now that you understand the context you also want to get a grasp on the details. Do the second listening while following the transcript. It will clear out all the words you’ve been mishearning or misunderstanding.

The transcript will also help you with pronunciation and getting the general tone of the Serbian language. 

TalkIn’ Serbian transcripts are optimized for phone screens so you can take them with you and learn on the go.

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episode 06 talkin Serbian learn advanced podcast transcript place in Belgrade to talk about history and artAdvanced Episode 06 Transcript
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