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You understand a lot of Serbian and can communicate with other people, but you still want to take your Serbian to another level. This is a great place for you. Here you can find a series of interviews and stories of native speakers and foreigners.

Although you can use this podcast to perfect your grammar, our goal is to represent you with interesting stories that will overall help you with your fluency and accuracy. As in our intermediate podcast, here there is no language analysis at the end of each episode. Also, the language we use is not in any way adapted to any specific level. Here you will hear how native speakers actually communicate. In TalkIn’ Serbian Advanced, we want you to primarily concentrate on the story and the way it is told. If you need some support with structures or new words, you can always consult the transcript of each episode, which you will find on our webpage.

If you find these podcast a bit difficult for your current level, try listening to TalkIn’ Serbian Intermediate or even going back to the basics in TalkIn’ Serbian for Beginners. It will always be useful for your Serbian language skills to hear the same content again and again.

01 Nezvani gosti
01 Nezvani gosti

Get ready for our first episode of TalkIn’ Serbian Advanced. You will get about 15 minutes of a storytelling/conversation in...

02 Zanzibar (prvi deo)
02 Zanzibar (prvi deo)

It’s time for more stories! This one will be told in two parts (two podcast episodes). Here you can listen...

03 Zanzibar (drugi deo)
03 Zanzibar (drugi deo)

The second part of the Zanzibar adventure story is here! Please leave this field emptySubscribe to our Newsletter Get all...

04 Oaza u centru grada
04 Oaza u centru grada

Have you ever visited Belgrade? Today we are going to tell you about a very special place you must not...

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