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Learn to speak Serbian with our podcast

We’ve been teaching Serbian for a few years now. One of the problems we’ve noticed is that our students were missing a comprehensible daily input of Serbian language outside of our classroom. They didn’t speak much with the natives because they couldn’t communicate well. They didn’t watch any Serbian TV because it was too difficult and advanced for them. On the internet, there wasn’t any audio content adapted for learners of Serbian. So, we opted for creating content which would help students develop their listening and speaking skills, but also give them knowledge about life in Serbia.

Why do learners of Serbian need to listen to our podcast?

Whether you live abroad or in Serbia, our podcast can provide a daily input of Serbian which you need. As with any other language, in order to learn Serbian, you need to make it a part of your daily routine. It needs to be present in your life. But not just any Serbian. Your input needs to be understandable and interesting. If you listen to an audio or a TV show way above your level, there is not a lot you can learn from it. On the other hand, there is a chance you may get frustrated. In order to make listening to this podcast effortless for you, we opted for 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Choose your level

Advantages of TalkIn´ Serbian podcast

  • Podcasts are hosted by a native speaker (who is a teacher of Serbian) and a learner of Serbian.
  • You can choose among different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • Our podcasts are created to give you a comprehensible input (not too easy, not too difficult).
  • The topics are carefully chosen to give you the knowledge you need, but also to make it interesting to listen to. They are adapted for each level.
  • Listening to our podcast regularly will give you an opportunity to make progress in terms of expanding your vocabulary and grammar expressions.
  • There is a transcript provided for each podcast so learners can read and connect sound and the written word. Moreover, the transcript gives the learner an opportunity to explore our content on their own.
  • For beginner level podcasts, there is the analysis time after each podcast, where we explain the most important pieces of grammar and vocabulary.

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If you want us to talk about a specific topic and clear some doubts you have about Serbian language or living in Serbia, leave a comment or contact us at info@rayuelacentar.com.

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